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Free medical consultations with the e-med Nurse

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E-med will not prescribe medication for insomnia, anxiety/mental health issues or pain relief.

Why do you need to join e-med?

  • To ensure a quick response each doctor can only have a limited number of patients. It is therefore necessary to join so we can maintain the standards of service
  • We can keep your health details so speeding up consultation
  • Because we have your personal details we can bill you after a completed consultation and not by the minute
  • You can call us your own Private Doctor
  • As a member you get a PIN and Password which you need to access your doctor, we can then treat you confidentially
  • We want to offer you the opportunity to build a relationship with your doctor
  • Everyone who registers with e-med is required to complete a Health Questionnaire
  • This Health Information forms the basis of your Health Records with e-med

How much does it cost?

  • Annual Membership costs £20.00 (around €24) and each email, phone or Skype consultation costs £15.00 (around €18. One consultation may involve a number of e-mails or phone calls)
  • If you just want to see the doctor for a dive medical or a health check only, you do not need to join e-med

When do I pay?

  • The initial membership fee is taken when you join and payment is then taken automatically after each consultation, using the same card. The membership fee of £20 (around €24) is renewed annually.

You can pay by credit card online, (or if you prefer you can phone us with your card details), or pay by cheque.

How do I join?

Complete the Confidential Health Questionnaire and Registration Form online. It's that easy!

What happens after that?

After filling in the online Join Form, you will be sent an email with your unique e-med membership number (PIN) and a password within 4 working hours (GMT time). You are then a full member of e-med and can consult with the Doctor straight away. All details on how to proceed will be explained in the email but any correspondence we receive from you needs to contain your PIN and Password for identification purposes.

e-med may request a form of identification from the patient joining the service as an added security measure and to prevent fraudulent transactions. This can be a scanned copy of either your passport or drivers licence. e-med will inform you accordingly after you have joined.

Who can join e-med?

e-med provides services for all UK and EU citizens as well as in any country where it is lawful to do so. In the event that you seek to join e-med from a country that does not permit online consultation (e.g. the USA), we will inform you prior to processing your application and return any joining fee.

A full list of countries whose residents are eligible for e-med's services is available here.

What do I do if I still have any questions?

Please call +44 (0) 20 3286 2033 or complete our information request form with your questions.

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Free medical consultations with the e-med Nurse

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e-med is NOT an emergency service. If you need immediate medical assistance, please dial 999 or visit your local A&E department.