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Free medical consultations with the e-med Nurse

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Dr Angela Gherman - EU Medical Director

  • Dr Angela qualified over ten years ago as a doctor and immediately became a General Practitioner.

  • After this she spent time as a TV presenter with shows across all aspects of life including medicine.

  • Time in business was followed by a Master's Degree in Social Medicine and Health Management.

  • Dr Angela is soon to finish a PhD in mental health and access to treatment. This allied to her qualification as an NLP trainer.

Dr Angela Gherman

"It is now obvious that medicine has to move with the times and that many medical problems can be diagnosed and treated online. Of course if a physical examination is needed, you need to see the doctor, but in so many cases, the history of the complaint is the most important thing. When you consult with e-med you know you can send as much information about your problem as you want. The doctors will always take the time to read it all and they can still refer you for further investigations or even refer you to a consultant if that is best for you. Prescriptions can be posted to you or called into the pharmacy of your choice. If you have a busy life and are frustrated by how long it takes to see a doctor face to face, then e-med is your best choice for the quickest treatment."

Dr Elena Tanase

Dr Stamatios Poupalos
  • Dr Tanase has been a qualified doctor for over 15 years and became a General Practitioner in 2015.

  • She has A&E and pre-hospital emergencies experience as well as surgical expertise.

  • Dr Tanase holds full EU and GMC registration and is one of our leading doctors in online consultation.

e-med is an exciting medical use of today's technology. So now if you have a problem that needs some advice or diagnosis you can simply e-mail or call your doctor for immediate help. We will sort out the problem remotely but you have the security of knowing that if your doctor feels that the problem needs a face to face consultation then that can be arranged too.

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Free medical consultations with the e-med Nurse

e-med Arabic
e-med is NOT an emergency service. If you need immediate medical assistance, please dial 999 or visit your local A&E department.