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Free medical consultations with the e-med Nurse

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  • consult with you when YOU want
  • offer you advice over the phone and web even when you're abroad
  • spend as long with you as it takes to sort out your problems

We save you time because you can either e-mail or phone us for:
  • personal medical advice
  • diagnosis
  • referrals
  • arrangement of investigations
  • prescriptions
...saving you a lengthy visit to the doctor !

"Thanks for your quick response and rapid delivery of the medication. It (almost) makes it a pleasure to be ill! "  D.O

"Many thanks for your swift and reassuring reply to my e mail after I found a lump in my breast, and for facilitating a rapid referral.  Thank you for your equally swift and efficient service following my email about my chest infection. The antibiotics arrived quickly and I am now making a good recovery. It is very comforting to know that effective help is available so promptly."   M.A.

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You can e-mail or phone us if you're...

  • busy at work
  • stuck at home
  • or even when you're abroad
...saving you a lengthy visit to the doctor !

"Thank you for always being so reliable; particularly when its urgent. You provide an excellent service and even in Austria/Germany and Switzerland our GP´s could still learn from you. Also thanks to all the members of the team. Without having become a member of e-med; I would have died, when I was not "able" to get referred on the NHS, (after your referral, i had immediate operation on a bad skin cancer), the second time around with my constant bleedings..oh and there where many other times when, as a constant traveller over the world, e-med saved "my bacon"! This is one membership I will NEVER regret."  C. K-B.

"I want to extend my gratitude to you for getting my medication to me. It is terrible when you have nobody to help you and have a seizure disorder.  Now I do not have to spend my time and energy trying to travel up to 3 hours to get to the specialists I see and that in itself is a blessing."  C.J

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  • we offer video consultations via Skype or will refer you to any consultant of your choice
  • we give you full copies of your medical notes if requested
  • if you request, we will send copies of all consultations to your family doctor. If you DO NOT want this to happen, we will not do so
...saving you a lengthy visit to the doctor!

"I have come off the tablets now for a month. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help you gave me and for saying no.  A lot of Doctors I know would have just given in and given me the tablets. My life is so much better and I have a better relationship with my kids."  D.U.

"Thank you for your advice. I received the HRT you recomended and started it today. Will let you know how things go. I think you provide a wonderful service and would recomend it to others. You have cleared things up in my mind. Thank you once again."  A.L.

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  • because we are web-based we keep our costs low.
  • you can join for 20.00 and then pay just 15.00 after each completed "Consultation" to your satisfaction.

"I must say I am very impressed with your service.  It's a pity the general population who use the NHS don't receive such an expert service.  I think a lot of people would be willing to pay that little extra to obtain such a good service."  M.B.

"Now that's what I call service!!  And not too over-priced considering.  If only my GP was as accommodating.  Thanks very much for your speed and efficiency. Next time I need a doctor 
I know where I will go."  B.A.

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  • you can use us if you just need a second opinion
  • you can contact us whenever you want

"Thank you so much for actually LISTENING to me, and for helping me.  I'm really glad that I've joined e-med, I'm sure that I'll use you again with health related issues!"   P.R.

"It was really refreshing to be able to talk to a doctor who was not stiff and starchy, as a lot of GP's are these days and who was really laid back and relaxed about everything.  You can probably understand how I feel about going back to see my GP now."  R.I.

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Still not convinced? Read more of the feedback we have received from e-med Members.
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Free medical consultations with the e-med Nurse

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