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Free medical consultations with the e-med Nurse

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Our Routine Services

Routine Services are the full range of services that you would expect to be offered by your online doctor.

e-med can help with all your medical problems.
Please complete our Information request form or call +44(0)20 3286 0946

Why is e-med different?

  • e-med was the WORLD's FIRST online doctors surgery
  • As well as seeing the doctor by Skype, you can phone or e-mail to get any problems dealt with
  • Skype appointments - appointments are as long as you need, so you have time to discuss any problems fully or even ask about things that have been concerning you but you thought too trivial to ask before
  • You will see the same doctor every time so you can build an understanding together
  • You can have an appointment on the day you want.

Why choose e-med?

  • So if you are unwell, need any problem referred or prescription arranged but don't want to have to wait a long time to see the doctor then e-med is for you

  • And if you are too busy to leave your office or home or even are abroad then we will be here for you too

It's that easy with e-med

How do I access these services?

These services are available to e-med members so you will need to join e-med

For an appointment please phone +44(0)20 3286 0946 or complete the Appointment Request Form

How much does it cost?

  • Membership is 20.00 a year
  • Each phone or e-mail consultation is 15.00 on completion. It does not matter how many emails are sent or how long the call is, the price is the same. A completed consultation is just 15.
  • Skype Video Consultations are only 15.00 each
  • Other specialist services vary in price

What else do we offer?

As well as routine medical services we also offer other specialist services.


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Free medical consultations with the e-med Nurse

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